• Maledicto


    /恐怖/英语 / 菲律宾语/Mark Meily/Tom Rodriguez/Jasmin Curtis Smith/迈尔斯·奥坎波/Inah de Belen

    Xavier "Xavi" Lavezares was supposed to be a brilliant psychiatrist with a bright future ahead of him, until his sister Mara kills herself in front of him in the throes of a supposed demonic possession. Trying to find answers in a vocation he thought he'd never take up, Xavi becomes a man of the cloth who spends his spare time taking apart cases for exorcism...

    2019-08-25 15
  • On a Dark and Stormy Night

    [2010]On a Dark and Stormy Night[豆瓣0分]

    Dirty Rotten Filthy Bastards/恐怖/惊悚/英语/Ezequiel/胡安·雷丁格尔/Aaron Massey/Tamela D'Amico/Eva-Maria Leonardou

    2019-08-24 18
  • The Curse of Lilith Ratchet

    [2018]The Curse of Lilith Ratchet[豆瓣0分]

    邪靈再現(台)/恐怖/英语/Eddie Lengyel/KateLynn E. Newberry/Rob Jaeger/Roger Conners

    Alice and her best friend Lauren inadvertently set a hellish curse in motion after surprisingly acquiring a mysterious shrunken head. Wanting to know more about their fiendish find, they pay a visit to a popular paranormal podcast host Hunter Perry of "Beyond the Veil". Hunter discovers it's true authenticity of the ages-old object and in hopes of creating a...

    2019-08-23 24
  • 魔鬼附身


    The Chill Factor/恐怖/英语/Christopher Webster/Dawn Laurrie/芭芭拉·克拉曼

    A group of snowmobilers become trapped on a lake, and hole up in an abandoned camp. What they don't know is that the camp was once used by a satanic cult for its rituals, and is still infested by demons, who begin to kill off the group.

    2019-08-23 25
  • 心梗


    AMI/恐怖/英语/Rusty Nixon/Debs Howard/Philip Granger/Sam Robert Muik

    Seventeen-year-old Cassie has become a recluse ever since her mother died in a horrible car accident. In an effort to fill the void, she downloads the latest intelligent personal assistant A.M.I., which is also the first to have a real consciousness. Their relationship quickly deepens into a twisted co-dependency and Cassie falls deeper and deeper under A.M....

    2019-08-23 27
  • 亲爱的达令



    A direct sequel to 2011's The Woman. Found at a Catholic hospital filthy and ferocious, feral teenager Darlin’ (Lauryn Canny) is whisked off to a care home run by The Bishop and his obedient nuns where she is to be tamed into a “good girl.”However, Darlin’ holds a secret darker than the “sins” she is threatened with, and she is not travelling alone. Th...

    2019-08-23 25
  • 黑暗深处


    /恐怖/英语/David Ryan Keith/Kendra Carelli/Niko Foster/Stephanie Lynn Styles/马可·伍德

    A disturbed man with unknown psychic abilities tries to unravel the mystery of his parent's disappearance while battling his own demons.

    2019-08-23 27
  • 神圣之地


    /恐怖//Miles Doleac/Sherri Eakin/Miles Doleac/Lindsay Anne Williams

    A married couple, trying to rebuild their relationship after an affair, travels to a secluded cabin and stumbles into a blood feud between the Native American owners of the property and the neighboring clan, who obsessively guard their land and punish those who trespass on it in terrifying ways.

    2019-08-23 14
  • 黑暗之光


    Lokalvårdaren/恐怖/瑞典语 / Scanian/Henrik Möller/Lina Sundén/Martin Jirhamn/Jenny Lampa/Patrik Karlson

    Sara takes a job as a cleaner to find her missing daughter and strikes an uneasy alliance with the sinister janitor. They venture with a small group into the abyss underneath Malmö and the heart of darkness.

    2019-08-23 17
  • Sunset Society

    [2018]Sunset Society[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Phoebe Dollar/Aaron Groben/Catherine Annette/Ben Stobber

    Welcome to the world of the Sunset Society, a secret organization in Hollywood where parties are held, musicians gather and blood flows freely! Ace (Lemmy from "Motorhead") is the head vampire in charge who likes to keep the fun going while keeping the profile low. However, due to a few rebels in his midst, humans are starting to catch on to his vampire ways...

    2019-08-21 22
  • The Hurt

    [2019]The Hurt[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Kevin Van Stevenson/Every Heart/Cory Tucker/Kristin Feinfield

    After the death of her father, Cody Fields is seduced down a dangerous path by a mysterious stranger.

    2019-08-23 15
  • 香蕉劈裂


    /恐怖/英语/丹尼什卡·埃斯特哈奇/Dani Kind/Finlay Wojtak-Hissong/Romeo Carere/史蒂夫·隆德

    A boy named Harley and his family (brother Austin, mother Beth, and father Mitch) attends a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley and business as usual for Rebecca, the producer of the series. But things take an unexpected turn -- and the body count quickly rises. Can Harley, his mom and their new...

    2019-08-23 28
  • Sticks


    /恐怖/短片/英语/Mark J. Parker/Etai Benson/Julie Balefsky/Tyler Johnstone/Heather Drew

    Four college students reunite on a summer night at a house in the woods. As they tell scary stories around the campfire, the line between imagination and reality blurs, and they get the feeling they may not be alone on the property.

    2019-08-21 31
  • 悄声低语


    低语/恐怖/短片/英语/Julian Terry/Michelle Khare


    2019-08-24 15
  • D-Railed


    /恐怖/英语/Dale Fabrigar/兰斯·亨利克森/弗兰克·拉默斯/托妮亚·凯

    Passengers on a train that crashes into a river must decide whether to risk waiting for help in the wreckage or take their chances in the murky depths below.

    2019-08-23 21
  • The Unwelcoming House

    [2019]The Unwelcoming House[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Joe Covarrubias/Joe Covarrubias/Landon Covarrubias/Jake Ellison

    A father and his son are being haunted by an unforeseen force. With desperation,Joe tries to figure out what is in his house and tries to get rid of the evil entity.

    2019-08-23 16
  • 喂……


    喂……/恐怖/英语/H.M. Coakley/

    女演员莫尼卡和她的男友艾德维以及另外六个好朋友前往山上的小木屋渡周末。在路上,他们顺路带上了艾德维的堂弟特洛伊。莫尼卡的经纪人也不请自来,希望能够说服莫尼卡续约。 暴风雨来临后,突然发生了奇怪的谋杀事件,艾德维的堂弟被怀疑是嫌疑人。只有艾德维声称特洛伊是无辜的。越来越多的人被杀,真的是特洛伊乾的吗?还是经纪人、艾德维、还是其他人呢?

    2019-08-23 15
  • 小丑旅馆:亡灵崛起


    Clown Motel/恐怖/英语/Joseph Kelly/马丁·科勒巴/Ari Lehman/Tony Moran/Julie Anne Prescott

    Clown Motel follows a group of ghost hunters, coming from an old ghost town and a bachelorette party, returning home from Las Vegas. When the groups meet up, by mistake, they're left to discover if the motel is really abandoned and haunted by the souls, of the clowns, that once lived there.

    2019-08-23 26
  • Deadsight


    /恐怖/英语/Jesse Thomas Cook/Liv Collins/Adam Seybold/Ry Barrett

    A man with partial blindness and a young pregnant police officer must work together to escape from a deadly virus that has spread across Grey County.

    2019-08-23 16
  • 灰烬


    /恐怖/英语/Barry Jay/Jeremy Isaiah Earl/Damien Diaz/玛利亚·奥尔森

    After a family's "black sheep" aunt passes away, they're reluctant and creeped out to receive her cremated ashes. But when a series of strange, supernatural misfortunes beset them, they'll have to go through hell to be rid of her angry spirit once and for all.

    2019-08-23 20
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